Hi, my name is Julian Doiron, and I like to forge knives.

Each knife I make is hand forged from high carbon steel, ground, and thoroughly heat treated.

I never cut corners on a knife, because I love to see perfection in my work.

for information please email: Julian Doiron

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A bowie with forged hand guard


A satin finished skinning knife with a four piece handle

A medium carbon chopping blade with horn handle

A differentially heat treated knife forged from a file.

A damascus knife made from band saw blade and strapping steel

Skinning/Hunting knife: Leaf Spring blade with dyed box elder handle scales Forged 5160 with ironwood handle scales and steel bolsters

a bowie style made from leaf spring

a hunter style of damascus

a large primitive style hunter

a leather handled hunter

a dirk made from cable

file work on the spine of the leather handled hunter

A small hunter style knife. Blade is car spring, and the handle is a point antler with a brass guard. Finished 1/14/06. a hunter style knife forged from car spring

part of a set, blade is high carbon railroad spike edge quenched in water, handle is deer antler with a brass guard. Finished 12/30/06.

a bowie style knife with maple and ironwood spacers and a RR spike blade

a deer skinner from high carbon railroad spike with brass bolster and butt cap, antler for the handle was provided by the hunter who commissioned the piece a small camp type axe, the blade was folded over and forge welded

hunter style with ironwood scales and brass pins and guard

primitive hunter

  damascus hunter of 1095 and nickel

opposite side of damascus hunter 

stag handle knife with butt cap view of the butt cap attachment

drop point

chain knife

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